Bad Backlinks and SEO keywords

Bad Backlinks and bad SEO keywords ?

Although buying bad links might give you short term gains but it will backfire eventually when search Engines like Google, Bing Yahoo find out. Unnatural links indicate that your website might not have the quality or content to be interesting enough to get genuine backlinks on its own.

How to find bad backlinks

The main difference between good and bad backlinks is the quality of the website they are on. Sometimes bad backlinks are easy to find, sometimes you do have to check the website and decide whether the backlink can have a negative impact on your website.

Links from a website that is just set up for SEO links

If a website has a ton of articles that are all over the place chances are the website is set up solely for the purpose of linking other websites. If the website is a WordPress site many times just using a default WordPress themes like TwentySixteen not linked from any other websites, or are part of an odd link network designed , chances are very high that they are only there for backlinking.

The key takeaways for you should be:

  • Google want you to create high quality, good content
  • They want any links to that content to be editorially given

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So to create a very high level basic definition of Good vs Bad links, here’s my take

  • Links which are editorially controlled by the linking site are Good
  • Links which are built automatically without editorial control are Bad

So any links intended to manipulate your Page Rank or a site’s ranking in search engines results may be considered part of a bad link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity Online without the need for trying anything fishy. Creating good content pays off over time in the long run: Links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it.

Bad Keywords

Bad keywords often known as “Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords  in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in search engine results. More often than not these keywords appear in a list or group or totally out of context. Filling pages with keywords or numbers often results in a negative user experience and eventually harm your site’s ranking.  Our suggestion would be to focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

So overall to improve site’s ranking via back-links the best solution is to keep writing good content and over time people will notice it and start linking to it. Trying to take any shortcuts might help you in the short run but will get you penalized in the long run.


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